Continuing Culinary Adventures: Crafting Delicious sausage bread with Tokit Omni Cook

In this video, the host demonstrates how to make sausage bread using the TOKIT Omnicook. The process involves measuring and mixing ingredients, kneading dough, and baking the final product. The TOKIT’s built-in recipe catalog and automatic functions streamline the cooking process, while the cleaning function simplifies post-cooking cleanup. The result is delicious sausage bread that the host and their family thoroughly enjoy.


  • 00:003Introduction to TOKIT Omnicook
    • Demonstrates making hot dog buns
    • Showcases dough pre-cleaning function
    • Utilizes built-in recipe catalog
  • 01:054Preparing the Dough
    • Ingredients measured and mixed
    • Dough kneaded with TOKIT’s functions
    • Suction cups stabilize the unit
  • 02:025Fermentation and Cleaning Test
    • Dough left to ferment in a warm area
    • Cleaning function tested with dish soap
    • Dough residue easily removed after cleaning
  • 03:016Shaping and Baking
    • Dough divided, shaped, and fermented again
    • Sausages wrapped in dough and baked
    • Finished buns brushed with egg wash for shine
Tokit Omni Cook Multifunctional Cooker
Tokit Omni Cook Multifunctional Cooker