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Is a Thermomix TM6 worth the money? | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and  in this episode we are going to be reviewing two   different kitchen gadgets. I have here the  Thermomix TM6 and the Tokit Omni Cook

Now both of these claim to do the job of 20 kitchen  gadgets all in one which is pretty impressive but that comes at a price … the Tokit Omni  Cook will cost you $1320 Australian dollars,   I didn’t actually pay for this one the brand  sent me this for free thank you for that.   This one is going to set you back $2359 so it’s a  thousand dollars more expensive. So do they work   and is the Tokit Omni cook as good as  the thousand dollar more expensive TM6?   

I have done extensive testing so much testing  over the last few weeks and i’m going to summarize   all of that here for you to save you the trouble  and the money so that you can find out which one   you think is better for yourself. So let’s  start with the appearance which one looks better  well that’s really personal preference so i can’t  weigh in for you there i think they both look good   the Tokit has a vertical display screen to one  side it has a 2.2 litre jack with a blade at   the bottom and i like the way the jug has the  measurements labeled on the side. This is the   thermomix it has the exact same sized screen but  it’s horizontal at the base instead of vertical   and just like the Tokit it has a 2.2 litre maximum  fill line but the overall size of this jug is a  little bit smaller than the Tokit one because  there’s not as much spare room at the top as far   as bench space goes this one is quite a bit deeper  and this one is a bit wider so it depends do you   want to be able to push it further back on your  bench and have room in front of it or have more   room to the side? If i overlay them on top of each  other it is probably a little bit easier for you   to see how much room each one is going to take on  your counter. There are three different ways that  you can use these gadgets and the first one that  i’m going to show you is called guided recipes and   this is one of the things that makes this machine  so unique to every other kitchen appliance. The   Tokit has thousands of recipes from all over the  world and they are free to use you can browse and   search them on the machine or you can do it on  your computer whichever you prefer. The thermomix   has 70 000 recipes and they allow you to add your  own recipes too which is a feature i really like   but the downside is to access their recipes and to  access the recipes that you’ve typed in yourself   you have to pay a yearly membership which i think  seems a little bit rich given the purchase price   of the machine but to demonstrate how the guided  recipes work i thought i’d make meringues because   they only have two ingredients and i’ve got a lot  of testing to do so on the tokit and the thermomix  you can search and then select a recipe and then  you can scroll down and see all the ingredients   and instructions before you start and then if you  decide that’s what you want to make you hit start.   The tokit will then take you through step  by step with photos some of the recipes even   have videos for each step as well and you  just swipe across to get to the next step   and when you get to adding the ingredients the  mixing bowl will weigh it for you as you add   it how cool is that. This recipe just uses icing  sugar and egg whites and then it tells you to add  the whisk in so just put that in the bowl then  you whip it. The speed temperature and time is   already pre-programmed for guided recipes so you  just need to press the control button to start and   once the time is done you end up with this lovely  thick meringue look at that it’s not moving at all   it’s nice and stiff so you can pipe that into any  shape that you want. It’s a very similar process   on the Thermomix but you can’t swipe you have to  press next and it doesn’t seem to have photos for   the steps the weighing of ingredients as you add  them to the bowl works in exactly the same way   as it did on the Tokit nice i like that and this  particular recipe instead of using icing sugar it   uses normal sugar and then gets you to blend it to  make your own icing sugar that’s not smoke coming   out of the top don’t worry it’s powdered sugar  then it says to tip that into a separate bowl  and then wash and dry the bowl. It then has a  video showing you how to add the whisk then you   add the egg whites and whip them on their own and  then add the sugar back in one teaspoon at a time   this is a really strange thing to do you could  have just left the sugar in there added the egg   whites and whipped it all together. In olden days  recipes they used to whip the egg whites by hand   so they would whip them separately and then add in  the sugar and whip that and that’s because if you   put the sugar and egg whites in together it takes  a couple of minutes longer if you’re whipping by   hand to get it to those stiff peaks but if you’ve  got a machine like this that can whip really fast   it’s just a few seconds longer and you’re not  whipping by hand so you’re not even going to   notice so you might as well just chuck the sugar  and the egg whites in together because by adding  a teaspoon by teaspoon you’ve effectively slowed  down the recipe which the purpose of adding it   separately was to speed up the recipe but anyway  you end up with the same beautiful nice thick   mixture that pipes perfectly into beautiful shapes  and once they’re baked they’re indistinguishable   from each other so both recipes give you a great  end result one just took you the long way round   to get there. The guided recipes really is a great  idea especially for inexperienced cooks if you’re  someone who is trying to eat less take out but you  don’t know how to make your own meals this sort of   thing will make it easy because they step you  through every step of the process literally the   instructions are right there and it shows you how  to do it it’s very hard to stuff it up unless you   deliberately go off track so it’s a great place  for that the other thing that you can do of course   is get a recipe book there are heaps of websites  with Thermomix recipes and cookbooks as well and  most of those you can translate directly into  the same settings on this Tokit omni cook as   well whichever one you get there’s plenty of  independent recipes out there for you to choose.   The other thing you can choose instead of guided  recipes is to use one of the modes that they have   they both have a whole range of modes and some  of them are the same like scales, pre-clean,   kneading, sous-vide, yogurt or fermentation and  turbo and then there are modes that are unique   to each machine these are all of their other  modes and just because one machine doesn’t have  a particular function doesn’t mean that you can’t  do that function on that machine you’re just going   to have to do it using guided recipes or do it  manually so for example the thermomix has an egg   boiler mode and the Tokit does not but if we use  the egg boiler mode on the thermomix we just put   eggs in straight from the fridge with a litre  of water and then we turn it to how we want it   done and it says it’ll be ready in 10 minutes so  then if we go to the Tokit and we put a litre of  water in eggs straight from the fridge and we  set it to 10 minutes the only problem is that   we can’t set it to not stirring in manual mode it  always stirs i’m a little worried that even on the   lowest speed these eggs are going to break when  they’re bobbing around in there but in the end   they didn’t break and they turned out fine this  is the one from the thermomix and this is the one   from the tokit. Similarly the tokit has an  ice shaving mode and the thermomix does not   but you can shave ice in both machines i used the  tokit to turn ice cubes into this finely crushed   ice which is perfect for drinks and i did the  same in the thermomix manually without a problem   the ice in this second glass is from the thermomix  so by now you’ve probably noticed there is a third   way you can use the machines and that is manually  setting everything yourself and you would think   that in that they would be identical but they  actually differ quite a bit here so let’s start  by looking at the time setting. on the tokit  in manual mode you can set it to go for up to   99 minutes and that is the same on the thermomix  both machines can run for a lot longer than that   in some of the pre-programmed modes but they  won’t let you choose that in the manual mode   now if we look at the temperature the  chocolate can go up to 180 degrees celsius   which means you can use it for sugar work, making  caramel browning onions, anything that requires a   high temp the thermomix only goes up to well it  has aroma which is a hundred degrees for steam  but the maximum temperature you can set is 120  celsius the machine itself can go higher than that   and it does in some of the guided recipes but it  won’t let you manually choose that even if you try   and type your own recipes in it won’t let you  pick anything above 120 degrees so unless you   want to make one of their guided recipes you’re  a bit stuck. So for example in the tokit i put in   some sugar glucose syrup and water to the jug and  set it to heat to 155 degrees in manual mode and   i got this perfectly heated sugar once it cooled  down it’s crack hard and delicious pecan brittle.   I’ll put all the recipe details on my website for  all of these tests i’m doing in case you want to   make them too in the Thermomix i couldn’t do that  manually so i searched for a peanut brittle guided   recipe hoping i could manually modify it but when  i got to the heating screen it just says max temp  it doesn’t tell me what the temperature is and it  won’t let me adjust it. I can adjust the time but   i cannot adjust the temp and then when i turned it  on it stirs for a few seconds and then it stopped   and says the cooking process was stopped because  the ingredients and quantities differ too much   from the original recipe. So in the thermomix  you can only use the high temperatures needed   for sugar work for their recipes in the exact  quantities that they have if you want to make   your own recipe or a different quantity you  can’t do that one thing that these machines   are very good at which is why they are in a lot of  commercial kitchens is precise temperature control   when you’re making a recipe like cremeux it has to  be heated to an exact temperature so that you’ve   cooked the egg yolks but you haven’t overcooked  them because if you overcook them they’ll go  lumpy a bit like having scrambled eggs mixed with  milk, so if you’re doing that on a stove top you   have to first whisk together the egg yolks and  the sugar then heat up your cream then add some   of that cream into the egg yolks to temper it  then add that back into the cream put it on   the stove top and make sure it doesn’t go above  85 degrees so that it doesn’t go lumpy but if   you’re using one of these you can just chuck the  sugar and the cream and the egg yolks directly in,  turn it on to stir and then set the temperature  to 85 degrees and leave it to just come up to the   right temperature which is so simple you know it’s  not going to overheat and it’s not going to go   lumpy which is great. The only thing you do need  to consider is although you know it won’t go over   that temperature in the Tokit it’s not actually  telling you what temperature it’s currently   at so for recipes like this where it matters and  you need to cook the egg yolks up to 85 degrees   you’re going to need to use a digital thermometer  while you work out a new recipe so that you know   how long to leave it in there to get it up to  that temperature. The thermomix on the other hand   has the temperature that you set it at in  the middle and it tells you above that what   the current temperature is this is saying  that we have reached 85 degrees already   i just want to check that because it got  there a lot faster than i would have expected   put in the digital thermometer into the bowl and  we’re actually only at 43 degrees not 85. Wow   that is actually a major concern because if i  hadn’t have checked the temperature i would have   thought it was at 85 because it’s telling me it  is but at 43 degrees the eggs are not safe to eat.   Let’s double check that and just crank that up  to 100 degrees at that temperature the mixture   should split and be lumpy and it will be boiling  and bubbling fast forward a minute and now it   says we’ve reached 100 degrees centigrade but the  digital thermometer says it’s only 61. Let’s have  a look inside and that is not bubbling and it is  not split and it is definitely not 100 degrees.   This is a brand new machine and it is super  expensive so i expected it to be 100% accurate   within a degree or two at least. So let’s do a  worldwide test see if just this one is faulty if   you have a tm6 and you have a digital thermometer  can you make for me a recipe that needs eggs let’s   make it consistent let’s choose one so they must  have an ice cream like a vanilla ice cream recipe  make that and check when you get to the heating  section of the recipe when it says that it has   reached the temperature can you check with  your digital thermometer what temperature it   is currently at and let me know in the comments  how it went. I like having the temperature on the   screen saying what temperature we’re currently at  but if that temperature is completely inaccurate   that is worse than not having the temperature at  all i would rather use a digital thermometer and   know for sure what temperature we’re at. Okay  so moving on let’s test the other functions one  of the functions they do is blending, chopping,  grinding all of them are fairly similar you’ve   just got a blade spinning at different speeds  probably the hardest thing for that to do well   is grinding so let’s put it to the test with a  hard grain. i’m going to use some freaker freaker   is just a durum wheat that has been harvested  while it’s still green it is then roasted and   rubbed or polished so we’ll give each machine 100  grams of freekah and one minute to grind it on   top speed then to compare i’ll sift it through  a fine sieve the tokit gave us this much flour   and 25 grams of coarse stuff that wouldn’t go  through the fine sieve and with the thermomix   the results were similar this is the fine flour  but there was a bit more there was 31 grams of the  course of stuff left which makes sense because the  tokit’s top speed is 12,000 rpm and a thermomix is   10,700 rpm you could of course get the same  results in the thermomix you just need to   leave it for a little bit longer than you did in  the tokit. The next function i want to test is   needing to make different doughs … i’ve got the  same ingredients in each bowl and i’ll set them to   knead using their pre-programmed mode for seven  minutes they are both quite noisy and wobble a   fair bit when they’re in kneading mode my youngest  came in to see what the noise was all about.   From beginning to end the thermomix had moved a  little bit on the bench and the tokit had stayed   put so i had a look underneath and the thermomix  has solid rubber feet they can move around within   the area where they’re joined which gives them a  bit of flexibility but they don’t suction to the  bench. The Tokit feet move around as well giving  them that flexibility but they also have a suction   cup on them so they stick to the bench which is  why it has stayed put back to the bread they both   made beautiful dough which i baked into lovely  fluffy rolls i don’t think i’ll be needing a bread   machine anymore. I always just use it to knead the  dough and then i take it out so i can bake it into   the form that i want these both did a great job of  kneading and made enough dough to make two loaves   each next to test how well they steam rice for  each of them you need to add in a basket which   came with the machine and then weigh in your rice.  You will then need to rinse that rice under water   so that it’s wet and add water to the jug of  course you then turn it onto steam and select   your time and start they both made really nice  steamed rice it was great they’re both equal here.   Now let’s look at the sous-vide function on each  machine now sous-vide is quite a specific way of   cooking where you cook at a lower temperature than  you normally would over a longer time now to make   that food safe you do need to use a vacuum sealer  to vacuum pack the food that just eliminates the  oxygen that most bacteria needs both machines  correctly tell you to make sure you’re using a   vac sealed bag when you select sous vide and you  also need longer times than you’d normally cook   for so if you’re new to sous vide i’d suggest that  you use a guided recipe otherwise you can just use   the sous-vide mode on each machine and customize  it how you like if you want to do sous-vide in   these machines then for both of them you need to  purchase their blade cover accessories and that  does what it says it covers the blade so that the  bag can’t get pierced as the blade goes round the   blade has to spin so that it’s circulating that  water and you’re getting an even temperature the   whole way through after the problems we had  with temperature with the cremeux i thought   i would double check the temperatures now the  thermomix says it is at 60 degrees and let’s have   a look it’s been going for a while now and yep the  water is at 59 that’s good i’m happy with that so  when it’s water it seems to be a bit more accurate  let’s check the Tokit while we’re here in it goes   spot on 60 degrees that’s exactly what we asked  for so both machines are good for sous-vide but   obviously you can’t fit a large volume of food  in there but let me show you the results after an   hour you can take the chicken out and sear it just  so it’s browned on each side or you can serve it   just like this and it is so tender and so moist  and perfectly cooked the whole way through  this is like something you’d get at a restaurant.  Next onto the slow cooking function i put some   water and 800 grams of pork and some spices  and some vegetables into the jug of each one.   On the Tokit if i choose stewing from the  pre-programmed modes the maximum time i can   set is 99 minutes which is a pity because i want  longer than that i can put the temp to what i   like and on this mode it stirs intermittently i’d  really like to be able to set the time for longer   in this mode because i want to cook the pork for  six hours. If i go into sous vide i can set it  for six hours at 80 degrees but then it stirs  the whole time you can get around that in the   tokit it has a unique thing which is called a slow  cook plug that you can swap out the blade for this   plug instead but that is an added accessory and  i don’t actually have that. The thermomix doesn’t   have one of those at all ideally what i’d love  is if they would both just let you turn them on   without stirring because i feel like that’d be a  better option if i could stir sometimes and then   change the setting manually to not stir that’s  what i’d really like and steering intermittently   as an option in manual mode as well that would  be awesome neither of them offer that you have   to have it stirring if you’re doing it in  manual mode there’s something for them to add  on the thermomix under the slow cooking setting  you can select up to eight hours and adjust   the temperature to what you want and it stirs  intermittently so it’s very similar to the stewing   mode on the tokit but you can set it for longer.  After six hours of total cooking time on both   machines you end up with lovely tender pork that  is easy to pull into shreds that’ll be great in   rolls with some coleslaw. Now we’ve looked at the  highest temperatures they can go to so what about  the lowest temperatures i would love if they could  temper chocolate and they can’t. They can melt   chocolate beautifully if you put the chocolate in  there and then just turn it on to blitz it up into   small pieces you can then put it onto the lowest  temperature and get it to stir until it’s melted.  If you don’t have a large amount of chocolate you  are going to need to scrape it off the blades so   that that will melt this is 180 grams of chocolate  in here so you’d need quite a bit of chocolate if   you were going to cover the blades the lowest  temperature you can set it to on the Tokit   is 35 degrees and the lowest temperature you can  set it to on the thermomix is 37 degrees. So they   just don’t go low enough in temperature to allow  us to play with those temperatures and temper the   chocolate but it does melt it beautifully  which is a start. Now both of them have a   yogurt or a fermentation function which will allow  you to have low temps over eight hours and after   i put this on overnight by the morning i had some  beautiful yogurt in each of them this is from the   Tokit just putting that on top of muesli mixed  with freshly squeezed orange juice and this is   from the thermomix i really can’t tell these two  apart they both worked really well for yogurt  in their guided recipes they both have recipes  for ice cream but they don’t have a freezer bowl   so i thought i’d test it out using my roasted  strawberry ice cream. You can get my book   spiral bound on Amazon now if you prefer spiral  bound you can go get one of those. Now instead   of churning the mixture as it freezes like you  normally would they both say to freeze it and   then cut it into cubes and then blend it in the  machine now while this will make a frozen dessert   it is not going to be the same texture as churned  ice cream. You can see that this one looks lighter  in colour and that’s because it has a lot more air  whipped into it and because you’ve churned it as   it froze it has really small ice crystals that you  just can’t even detect so the ice cream machine   one is smooth and creamy and the other one it’s a  little bit icy it has a different texture it’s not   as airy but if you don’t have an ice cream machine  then it definitely is a yummy frozen dessert   but it’s just not quite the same if you’re after  really smooth ice cream. Now onto steaming if you  want to use them for a large amount of steaming  not just the little steamer basket then you’ll   need to purchase the optional extra of the steamer  that goes on top. This is the Thermomix one it has   a tray on the top and then one on the bottom and  i found this space on the bottom to be quite small   and that’s because it has to be able to go down  to the size of the top of the Thermomix so you can   fit about four bao buns down the bottom put the  tray on and add seven more on top followed by the  lid this is the Tokit one they have a top tray and  they have a bottom tray now by adding this layer   it takes it from the small circle that fits to  the top of the device to a larger area so now we   can fit seven bao buns at the bottom and another  seven at the top so depending how many people you   have in your family or if you have a party on the  chocolate one gives you a lot more room they both   steamed really well. Last but not least let’s  look at safety and run some tests for that   if we fill them both to the maximum level and  then put them on maximum speed for one minute   nothing is coming out of the lids not at all not  even a drop, now while neither of these will turn   on with the lid not locked into place you can  turn it on without the cup so i’ve run this   test again with the cup out and i’ve circled  the drops after a whole minute. To be honest   i thought there’d be a lot more obviously if  it is this full and it’s hot don’t run it at   full speed with the cup out because there  are some little splatters as you’d expect.   The Thermomix sort of tries to prevent this in  manual mode if you select a temperature over 60   degrees it won’t let you choose a speed higher  than six it disables heating however if you’ve   already made something that you’ve heated say to  boiling point like a soup or something like that  and then you’re just asking it to blend it  and you’re not telling it to heat it up from   that point but it’s already hot it will let you  zoom it all the way up to speed 10. So it’s a   strange safety measure that only works in some  circumstances. The thermomix does also have a   splash guard that you can put on top while letting  more steam escape i’m not sure if that’s really   needed though as both machines were designed with  a vent around the cup you can see there’s a little  bit sticking down that stops the cup going all  the way down here on the Tokit so there’s a gap   for the steam to escape so pressure doesn’t build  up inside while you’re cooking. The thermomix cup   has a rim around most of the way but then it has a  gap on one side for the steam to escape too. It is   important that these don’t get blocked. Neither  machine will function if you don’t have the   lid locked in place and that is a safety measure  the Tokit has a piece here that has to slide in   sideways and lock in at the front like that i did  notice that if you push the lid down at the front   and then turn it it is possible to lock it in  at the front when it’s not properly connected   at the back so you do have to make  sure that you put the lid on properly   before turning it to lock into place. Thermomix  have got around that problem by locking the lid  in place on both sides for you when you turn it on  which of course leads to another potential hazard   which it calls the risk of injury from pinching  your fingers i am not willing to sacrifice my   fingers to test that one so instead let’s  use a carrot shaped like my little finger   ouch! That would hurt so much. Well there is a  very in-depth comprehensive comparison for you   let me know which one you think is better bang  for your buck.