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5.0 out of 5 stars  Powerful & Beautiful Machine
Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2023

It is a powerful and beautiful kitchen helper, I love it at first sight. It connects with Wi-Fi and provides receipts, it also provides numerous cooking models. I use it to make dough, cook my favorite rice porridge, stew meet, make soy milk, chopping meat etc.
Highly recommended!!

Excellent in every aspect!
Reviewed in Canada on March 9, 2023

Color: Black

Let me tell a short story to explain my review, please bear with me.

Back in October 2022, I was recommended to buy a multi processor called Thermomix to help me on tests I needed to do. I saw a comparison in YouTube between that one and Tokit Omni Cook that was very well done.

I needed a precise temperature control that the recommended machine apparently did not have, but Tokit did. And it was the choice I’ve done. At that time, it looked a new product and there were no reviews at all.

The results I’ve got were excellent! I performed hundreds of tests and it was super reliable. So, I decided to buy a second machine, this past February, for my home use as the first one I still need only for tests and developments.

Then I had a problem in the blade set of my first machine two days before receiving the second machine. I contacted Tokit website in order to buy a replacement part and they answered in 24 h. Amazingly, they wanted to help me before anything else – they checked my warranty ( that I had not activated yet …), and offer me the replacement free. Not only that, they also offered to send me the entire Bowl set. Wow…

Bowl set arrived in two days, super fast. I should stress that their goal was primarily to fix any problem, totally customer oriented. They didn’t care if problem happened by misusing or else, which is amazing 🤩

Tokit Omni Cook is a very good product ! And what makes a very good product a great product is the customer service. Well done Tokit! It excels in any aspect.

Greetings from Canada!

3 month Review: This Product is Amazing!
Reviewed in Canada on February 8, 2023

Color: White Verified Purchase

We received this product on Feb 1, 2023, and started using it immediately. The product keeps cooking simple (so long as you have the ingredients or like to ‘wing it’). We haven’t completed a recipe exactly as instructed yet and they’ve all tasted incredible. We have an extra mixing bowl, the Steamer set, the slow cooker plug and blade cover. All of the add-ons are of good quality plastic and fit nicely where they should. The bowl and base is as advertised and there were no surprises in our purchase.

While we’ve this product for 3 months, we’ve only scratched the surface of of the available recipes. Recently, we’ve been using ChatGPT to make a recipe as we can adjust it to what we have available in fridge. Combined with the manual setting, this machine is perfect for experiments cause you don’t have to sit and watch it.

Recipes are easy to search, follow and produce great results
Allows for an almost automatic meal cook while you clean the dishes used to prep the Tokit meal. For example, a stir-fry or a nice curry dish requires a certain level of attention to ensure things don’t burn for the duration of the cooking. This machine basically auto-stirs the meal while it cooks.
Soups made in this machine is IMO the biggest game changer. Made a onion mushroom soup a few times now. So easy and automatic.
Easy to clean – Pre wash straight away then a slight brushing after eating.
The machine has a built in scale and tear button

 Magical precision cooking machine
Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2023

Color: Black Verified Purchase

I love to cook, and I usually prefer to rely on intuition/feel/taste, versus following recipes. Most of the food I cook is prepared quickly, over high heat. This machine is basically the polar opposite of that, which means it’s a perfect complement to have around. No, it doesn’t make off-the-cuff cooking more fun or any easier: it’s actually quite clunky to open the lid, taste your food, adjust seasoning, close it, and continue cooking. No, it doesn’t help me cook my usual dinners any faster.

Instead, this machine lets me widen and broaden what I’m eating. Every built-in recipe I’ve tried has been delicious, and it’s gotten me to appreciate precision cooking. I find myself cooking and eating healthier, more vegetable-forward food that I would have traditionally found tedious to prepare. My favorite use of the machine is to make sauces, soups, and other sides. It lets me pump my cooking up to the next level by adding a chutney, hollandaise, or basic cream sauce to every meal I cook without any appreciable effort. For example, a typical “steak and potatoes” night can turn into zucchini onion soup, steak, and a cream sauce drizzled over it — all without using much more time or dirtying more dishes.

And let me tell you: there is something seriously magical about throwing cold milk, flour, butter, salt, and pepper into a machine, hitting a button, and minutes later getting a perfectly stirred, lump-free piping-hot white cream sauce.

I have very few gripes. The background music that plays during the video instructions is distracting and unnecessary, as is the voice instructions, so I just went into Settings and turned my volume all the way down. And for those having issues with the WiFi, make sure to install the system updates when you first get the machine; the updated OS version made my WiFi connection much more reliable, though I still get “Content is Unavailable” messages occasionally when I boot up.

Oh, speaking of boot-up: this machine runs Android, and it takes 30 seconds or so to turn on, which can be annoying. Even though the device is plugged in, there’s no way to set it so it always just stays on (maybe dimming the screen after a few minutes). Instead, after 20 minutes, the whole thing just turns off. Tokit has a phone app, but I really couldn’t get it to do much more than display my machine; when I try to connect to it to do anything, the app crashes.

I would really love to see Tokit let me create my own custom recipes, complete with multiple steps, which would allow me to port over some of my favorite recipes to the platform. I think there are opportunities to launch a community-based recipe site, too. That’s kind of the killer feature that’s missing in my opinion.