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Is Tokit Omni Cook worth it? Read the Reviews in Singapore

Perfect for people who want to be a little more adventurous in cooking.
Reviewed in Singapore on 27 August 2023

I have so many gadgets in my kitchen and yes, I could achieve the same results without the TOKIT, but using the TOKIT is so much easier and fun. Being hand held through the steps just makes things so much easier and makes me want to try new things.
Before purchasing I did a fair amount of research to compare the TOKIT to the Thermomix, and whilst I haven’t actually had any hands on with the Thermomix these are my thoughts.

The TOKIT is practically half the price of the Thermomix and as far as hardware and capabilities are concerned they are, in my mind, essentially the same. Actually, I’d argue that the TOKIT is actually better. Where the TOKIT shies in comparison is the software, Cookiedoo is vastly superior in comparison with cookNjoy, not only in the number of recipes but also functionality. That said, and one of my deciding factors for going with TOKIT in the end, is Cookiedoo requires a paid subscription whereas cookNjoy is free for use, no ongoing subscription. That is not to say cookNjoy is bad, it actually has more recipes that I want to try than I think I will ever achieve. Also, if you really want to use Cookiedoo, those recipes can be translated over to the TOKIT, however at the moment it is manual and it is not possible to add your own recipes to the cookNjoy app. I really hope this changes in the future.

Some of the cookNjoy recipes could be a little more descriptive in the steps, and some have some of the settings/timings wrong, but overall most of the recipes I have tried have come out perfectly.
Their support is also good. I had trouble connecting it to my account due to some region issues, but they got back to me with a solution very quickly, so I am very happy with that.

All in all, I’d say if you are considering the Thermomix, save yourself a lot of money and and having to pay for an ongoing subscription, and go for the TOKIT instead.

 Replaces most of your other kitchen appliances
Reviewed in Singapore on 26 June 2023

I live in a tiny tiny studio and my kitchen isn’t all that large to be honest and this nifty gadget fits the bill to a tee, it does most things, cooks on auto and has recipes should I ever feel like cooking something a little more fancy.