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TOKIT Frequently Asked Questions – Tokit Omni Cook

We have recently received many interesting questions from all of you!  We love to hear from you, here’s the frequently asked questions after the TOKIT official launch. Here is a run down of the latest information, we hope it helps your shopping experience:

Q1. Why haven’t I received my 100 usd voucher?

A1. We have sent all voucher information to all of our backers. If you didn’t see in your Inbox, please check your spam mail or junk mail. Thank you for backing us and happy shopping!

Q2. Are there any expansion plans for countries not currently in the country list?

A2. We thank everyone for their interest in TOKIT outside of our current list of countries. We will always carefully think of suggestions for our expansions in the future, hopefully our TOKIT Products can reach your country.

Q3. How do I use my voucher?

A3. Our coupon will be issued via email if you are one of our selected backers. To use the coupon code, simply copy the Coupon Code then click the link in the email. After this you will be redirected to where you should add all the products you want to order into your cart. Once you are at the Check Out Page you then paste and apply to redeem the code.

Q4. What do I get in the box of my TOKIT Omni Cook?

A4. Here is a list of items that are included with your TOKIT Omni Cook Set:

Tokit Omni Cook - Global, US, UK, EU, Australia, Taiwan

So we can begin sharing more information about us to our customers and backers more information, we’re planning to start a blog to keep frequent updates 3 times per week. We plan to share the latest updates about the latest  logistics and production progress as well as future TOKIT products we have planned and many more ideas from us. 

If you’re interested in TOKIT please bookmark this link. You can also follow us on social media on our official pages:

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