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The Tokit Omni Cook is a multifunctional kitchen assistant with smart functionality. But what can you do with it – and is it worth its pretty serious price tag?

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Tokit Omni Cook - Global, US, UK, EU, Australia, Taiwan

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  • Step-by-step recipes
  • Multifunctional
  • Quick
  • Clean
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t perform some cooking tasks as well as single-use appliances
  • Will take up a chunk of your countertop

Our Verdict

This impressive smart kitchen assistant costs a third less than its rival, performs dozens of cooking tasks and provides step-by-step instructions for making any one of a thousand recipes.

Tokit Omni Cook - Global, US, UK, EU, Australia, Taiwan

The Omni Cook is a rival to the popular Thermomix. It was developed by Chunmi Technology, a brand within the Xiaomi ecosystem.

You can see what we thought of the Thermomix by checking out our review, but the Omni Cook – while still pricey – is a bit more budget-friendly. Not only will your initial outlay be lower (the Thermomix costs £1,149/ $1,499) but while you’ll need to subscribe to access Thermomix’s library of recipes, those from Omni Cook are entirely free – although there are fewer of them and there’s no way to download and access them offline.

The Omni Cook’s design and build

  • 6.8 inch colour touchscreen
  • Stainless steel jug
  • Heavy, bulky appliance

The Omni Cook is a plug-in smart appliance, with a white surround, black moulded plastic surface and stainless steel trim. It’s chunky, about the size of a bread maker (35 x 22 x 20cm /14 x 9 x 8in without its jug), so you’ll need plenty of space to use it.

It’s also pretty heavy at 19.4lb/ 8.8kg, so it’s not ideal to keep in a high cupboard. Really, to make the most of it, you should find a permanent spot for it on your countertop, so it’s handy for any jobs you have around the kitchen.

Inset into its base is a full-colour, 6.8 inch touchscreen. Unlike the Thermomix, the Omni Cook’s screen is portrait style.

Omni Cook screen

Next to it is a large (2.2 litre), high quality stainless steel jug with blender blades. You’ll be using this for everything from steaming to weighing. The jug clicks into place on theOmni Cook and there’s a release button to free it, so it’s secure during use. 

There’s a cable tidy at the back, which is a nice touch, and the appliance sits on four suction cups so that it won’t skate when it’s blending.

As well as the jug, the Omni Cook comes with a number of sturdy accessories: a steam basket, a silicone scraper, a set of measuring spoons and a whisk. There’s also a removable measuring cup that sits in the centre of the jug lid.

Omni Cook accessories

The blades at the base of the jug can be removed – but the jug can only be used without them if you buy the slow cook plug ( £35 from Tokit), which allows you to fill the resulting aperture.

There are more accessories available from Tokit, including a full steamer set, as well as replacements for the bits that come with the appliance.

What does the Tokit Omni Cook do?

  • Multifunctional: weighing, steaming, blending & more
  • Access to 1,000 recipes
  • Step-by-step instructions 

The Omni Cook has a lot of functionality. It can weigh ingredients, knead, mince, chop, grind and juice, steam, stew, sous-vide and make yoghurt. Where appropriate, you can then specify length of time, temperature and blender speed.

There’s even a setting to clean the jug after use, much in the same way you would a blender jug.

You can use the Omni Cook in one of two ways. Either you can use its functions individually – as a scale, a steamer or a blender – as you need them, or you can opt to follow one of the 1,000 recipes optimised for the appliance.