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Top Thermomix Alternative – The Best Multi-Cooking Machines for Your Kitchen

The Thermomix has evolved significantly since its inception in 1961, with the latest model, TM6, marking the 9th generation and the first fully digital version. Boasting over 24 features and self-updating software that improves independently, the Thermomix appears to be a comprehensive and innovative choice.

However, despite its numerous features and decades of innovation, some individuals may still consider opting for a Thermomix alternative. Let’s explore the reasons behind this choice:

  1. Availability: Unlike Thermomix alternatives, which can be purchased directly from platforms like Lazada and promptly delivered, the Thermomix is exclusively available through Thermomix or independent advisors offering demonstrations.
  2. Cost: The Thermomix is known for its high price point, making it a considerable investment compared to some alternative thermo-cookers.
  3. Guided Recipes: While many thermo-cookers offer guided recipes free of charge, accessing Thermomix’s guided recipes requires a membership to their Cookidoo platform.
  4. Bowl Size: Some other thermo-cookers feature larger bowls, which may be more suitable for cooking meals for larger families or groups.
  5. Lack of Food Processor Attachment: The Thermomix lacks a suitable food processor attachment, limiting its ability to slice or grate properly.
  6. Limited Visibility: Unlike some alternatives, the Thermomix does not provide a clear view of the cooking process inside the machine.
  7. Temperature Cap: When cooking manually, the Thermomix temperature is capped at 120°C, whereas the guided recipe function offers 160°C (requiring Cookidoo membership). Some competitors permit this higher temperature, useful for tasks like searing meat.

It’s important to consider that online recipes often cater to Thermomix cooking, requiring adjustments for other machines with varying settings like speed levels. Additionally, purchasing a Thermomix through a consultant ensures a dedicated point of contact for assistance and support.

Finally, the Thermomix’s integrated WiFi enables software updates, continuously enhancing the machine’s functionality, a feature that may not be available in some cheaper alternatives.

The TOKIT Omni Cook Robot All-in-1 Cooker Review

The TOKIT Omni Cook Robot All-in-1 Cooker stands as another multi-function, all-in-one cooking machine, boasting 21 functions and 11 cooking modes.

Like the Thermomix it comes with a 2 liter bowl, steamer trays, butterfly whisk and simmering basket. Plus it has a built-in scale.

Tokit Omni Cook - Global, US, UK, EU, Australia, Taiwan

A primary highlight and selling point of the TOKIT Omni Cook Robot All-in-1 Cooker is its app. Similar to the Thermomix, the TOKIT Omni Cook Robot All-in-1 Cooker includes a dedicated touchscreen, but the app offers way more convenience.

Tokit Omni Cook - Global, US, UK, EU, Australia, Taiwan

With the app, you can effortlessly monitor the progress of your cooking and even control certain settings, allowing you to continue cooking comfortably from your couch!

TOKIT vs Thermomix

The TOKIT stands as another remarkable multi-cook machine, taking clear inspiration from the Thermomix and offering a similar array of accessories, including a built-in scale, bowl, steamer trays, butterfly whisk, and simmering basket.

While the TOKIT encompasses 21 functions compared to Thermomix’s 24 functions, the WiFi integration allows for software updates, potentially expanding its function repertoire over time.

What sets TOKIT apart is its app, providing the convenience of controlling the device directly from your phone.

While TOKIT may have a smaller recipe library, the advantage lies in not charging for recipe subscriptions, granting access to all recipes as their library grows. In contrast, Thermomix requires an annual Cookidoo subscription, incurring an additional cost.

With TOKIT costing half of the Thermomix, it becomes an appealing option if you don’t require all the functions or an extensive recipe library at your disposal.


  • App enables you to remotely monitor and control the machine using your phone
  • Can heat up to 180°C without guided cooking
  • More powerful blender action up to 12,000rpm
  • Low price point compared to Thermomix
  • Free access to recipes


  • Not as many functions
  • Not as many recipes available
  • Recipes not available offline

Lifeite Auto Cook All-in-1 Food Processor Review

If you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, they’re not. The Lifeite Auto Cook All-in-1 Food Processor looks very similar to the TOKIT Omni Cook Robot.

In fact, it is a sub-brand of TOKIT mostly offering a secondary line of products that retail at lower prices.

Lifeite, Thermomix alternative
Photo credit: Lifeite/TOKIT

The Lifeite Auto Cook All-in-1 Food Processor can therefore be described as TOKIT’s younger brother with a smaller price tag.

The machine is attractively designed and robust, featuring stabilizing feet and shock absorbers that prevent movement, even during heavy kneading.

It offers built-in, reliable culinary routines, including processes such as chopping, mixing, kneading, juicing, grinding, mincing, and ice shaving.

Lifeite lifestyle
Photo credit: Lifeite/TOKIT

With the capability to reach temperatures as high as 180°C and a motor speed of up to 12000 rpm, it delivers a comparably versatile performance.

Overall, it’s a decent product. However, it is missing certain features.

Unlike TOKIT, the Lifeite does not have WiFi capabilities hence it is impossible to automatically update recipes. Additionally, the Lifeite’s screen is not a touch screen, and at 7 inches, is also smaller than TOKIT’s.

Lifeite vs TOKIT

The Lifeite can do most of the same functions as the TOKIT, but it runs the risk of becoming a brick. Without WiFi connectivity and any potential future updates, there is a risk of the device becoming obsolete and losing functionality.

Furthermore, for many users accustomed to touch screens, the absence of one in the device might serve as a discouraging factor. On the flip side, it boasts a shorter learning curve, making it ideal for those who are less technically inclined.

Although the TOKIT comes at a significantly lower price than the Thermomix, it still demands a substantial investment. Similar to the iPhone SE, Lifeite serves as TOKIT’s more budget-friendly thermo-cooker, intended to offer an affordable alternative to their flagship devices.


  • Cheaper than TOKIT and Thermomix
  • Serves as many functions as TOKIT
  • Accessories of the two products are identical and can be shared


  • Cannot connect to WIFI and cannot automatically update recipes and software
  • Screen is small and lacks touchscreen functionality
  • Not as many recipes available and feedback on the recipes isn’t great
  • New on the market and has not proven the test of time